Well kept secrets

Do you know that

Do you know that:
  • in the EU 70% to 85 % of people over 16 years are using a smartphone.
  • people check their smartphone > 230x/24 hours
  • respons on messages is within 15 minutes, mail hours to weeks
  • people only use 8-20 Apps regular, some more on specifics
  • most apps are discarded within 30 days after only be used 2-4 times
  • the average reach of an SME-app is 5%-15%
  • Wallet cards of SME's will reach >80% of know customers within 2-6 months
  • >40% of traditional emailings are processed as SPAM by virus scanners and is increasing
  • Wallets are far more interactive them most of the SME Apps
And do you also know that:
  • there is no more cost for development and maintenance on your app when you use cards and wallet
  • set-up is easy
And do you know that every year a persona in the EU: 
  • receives 3.5 newly distributed plastic cards
  • receives 15.8 paper tickets and documents that fit very well in a Wallet
  • prints 6.7 PDF's that also fit very wel in a Wallet
  • uses 9 liters of cruid to support all above
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