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Digital Card
A digital Card is the digital replacement of plastic- or paper card and/or a PDF-file on a smartphone.
Digital Cards are stored in a digital Wallet on a smartphone.
Digital cards can contain:
  • Your logo's, strips and color
  • your information
  • your loyalty offer
  • your customer information/ID
  • our customer photo's
And use technology in smartphones:
  • GPS
  • Beacon
  • NFC
  • Push/Pull
  • Sharing
  • and more.
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A Wallet is the digital replacement of your physical Wallet.
Wallets are special APP's in a smartphone that keep all cards, tickets and more in one(1) place.
Wallets allow companies to store digital replacements of traditional cards and let the issuer of the cards control 24x7 the functionality, validity, information, balance, rewards, links and much more.
We use Wallet on Apple and
Pass2U on Android.

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Offers Cloud-based Server solutions that support the use of digital cards in Wallets.
Through these services companies can create, distribute and maintain cards, inform users, handle transactions and collect data on users and cards.
Both on Apple and Android smartphones
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