Cards & Solutions

Available for you to build your fan base

We have "content ready" cards for:
  • Car Insurance
  • Insurance portfolio
  • Dutch Healthcare
  • School/Student
  • Store card, with or without rewards and branded payments solutions
  • Professional service with appointments and alerts
  • Vouchers
  • SOS
  • SmartCity iD-base Wallet <-> APP data ex.
  • Events
  • ID-access, Membership
  • Medical Patient Identification
  • Business cards
  • SME mobile Payment
Our solutions to build your fan base:

Friends of" Theater, musea.
Community", local communities and volunteers
Stop-no-shows" Dentist etc.
Digital Beer" gaming and saving in pubs
Membership and access"
Digital Insurance"
Store & Retail"
"Your Business card"
"International payment"
"Digital (white label) payment card"
"Reduce transaction cost"
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