The behavior of people has changed. Do you still reach your target group?

We help you to strengthen your identity!

Starting 25 May 2018 MyCardWallet uses this Privacy statement (AVG / GDPR).

  • Create Influence: personal communication when your customer is ready for it
  • Maintain Influence: Direct Marketing
  • Reward Influence: Rewards, Comfort, Discounts
You get!
  • Increase turnover
  • Reduce cost
  • Unburden

MyCardWallet has the next step in 24/7 communication with you customer, employee or end-user.

We make existing content relevant to your end-user by offering this content on a personally and intuitive way through the end-users smartphone, whiteout building your own APP.

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Get access to the same technology that is used by Starbucks, KLM, Easyjet,, Pathe and others.

MyCardWallet solutions support both Apple and Android smartphones: covering >90% of all smartphones.
Our integrated services work with Wallet in Apple and
Pass2U as the best Android-wallet.

Our technology supports Loyalty schemes but also ID's, insurance document's, tickets and much more. It brings them alive and interactive!

Do you need a branded solution that supports pre-pay, after-pay, alternative pay and has a integrated reward and communications facility that works on mobile and is supported with POS-solutions?
A little less bank and a little more you? Stop searching, contact us.

Communication with our push-servers using internet calls. Why pay 1,- euro for a stamp if you can send your document to every mobile without the need for and App. Transform your document into a communication tool. Increase the number of customers contacts.

Do you like to know how it can help your business? Contact us.

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